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Zoolz say they have tried to recover our data, but all we get back is no more than constant lame explanations. We also found out our data was not being backed up in in our country, not even in our region as requested. On further investigation, we discovered Zoolz is based in the middle-east, which immediately escalated to us closing our account and have going with a more expensive competitor Zoolz team keeps in mind the security aspect related to their client’s work. Like any other data backup service, Zoolz also safeguards all your data with 256-bit AES encryption, both while the files are in transfer to and from the servers or they are at staying on the servers. The other good point is that you get hands on the encryption key, which only you can hold and maintain. 02/02/2016 Zoolz Dashboard . Pricing. Unlike most other online backup providers, Zoolz is straight and to the point. True, you can find other brands like this but Zoolz out does them by stating everything you need to know about their pricing in one simple chart. That being said, these are the pricing options: $3/month – 1 year plan; $2.5/month – 2 Zoolz Intelligent Home est la nouvelle façon de protéger et de gérer rapidement toutes vos photos, vidéos et fichiers. Il sauvegarde automatiquement et centralise tout votre contenu dans un endroit sûr. Accédez à tous vos fichiers depuis n'importe quel appareil avec notre plate-forme facile à utiliser. Commentaires sur Zoolz Cloud Archive for Home (100GB) Thank you for voting! Please

À mon avis c'est à fuir il ne cherche qu'à récupérer les donnees. Hors ligne . Aime ce post: bmth #7 19/05/2018 14:27:41. toussaintlours Membre Inscription : 29/04/2018 Messages : 55 Réputation : 22. Re : Bon plan pour un Cloud avec 100go gratuit. A

Zoolz just remove the features I already have and try to make me feel inconvenient so that I will pay again. They also refuse to answer my question just because I did not pay $17.99 for the maintenance and support plan. Hello? It is you Zoolz removes the features I should have and I have to pay you $17.99 to figure out what is going on (and this will not solve my problem because I did not make

Zoolz : Avis et test d’un fournisseur de stockage en ligne un peu différent. Zoolz se présente comme un cloud performant, qui vous permettra de stocker vos fichiers à vie. La promesse est plutôt belle, d’autant plus que les tarifs sont vraiment attractifs.

4 mars 2020 Certes, Zoolz occupe la dernière place dans notre comparatif, mais il mérite vraiment d'être cité autant Zoolz n'impose aucune limite concernant la sauvegarde de vos données. Nous serions ravis de connaître votre avis,,,,,,,,